It’s time to get mad at dirt & toxic chemicals.

The Meanest All-Purpose Cleaner Instructions.

The Meanest APC is more ferocious than:

Febreeze on odors
Formula 409 on grease
Scrubbing Bubbles on soap scum
Resolve on rugs
Windex on glass
Use The Meanest APC on any non-porous, hard surface.

What it Cleans


Floors, all high-contact touch points (doorknobs), all bathroom fixtures, all tables and countertops, all hard surface furniture, dishes, kitchen appliances


Stainless steel, chrome, glass, wood, vinyl, glazed porcelain, non-porous plastics, enamel, glazed tile


Bathtub rings, beverages, blood, body oils, coffee, dead skin, dirt, fecal matter, fingerprints, food residue, fruits, grease, mildew, mold, dirty, pet odor, rust, tea, urine, vomit

And virtually any other surface that needs a mean clean! 


How to Clean Non-Porous Surfaces

Apply The Meanest APC to soiled area or surface with a cloth, wipe, mop, sponge, spray, or immersion, then wipe or scrub clean.

How to Clean Toilet Bowls, Urinals & Bidets

For best results, clean bathrooms with The Meanest Degreaser and The Meanest APC, respectively.


Before using The Meanest Degreaser, remove any heavy soil. Empty the toilet bowl or urinal and liberally apply The Meanest Degreaser to exposed surfaces, including under the rim, with a cloth, mop, sponge or spray device until the surface is thoroughly wet. Let the solution sit on the applied areas for 10 minutes before flushing for a thorough cleansing effect. Next, apply The Meanest APC to the surface until it’s thoroughly wet for finishing clean. Allow to air dry.

How to Clean Mirrors & Windows

Use The Meanest APC on indoor surfaces (bathroom mirrors) and both The Meanest Degreaser and The Meanest APC on outdoor surfaces (outward-facing windows).

Spray The Meanest APC on the surface and then wipe, squeegee, or scrub clean with a paper towel, cloth, or sponge. Residual wetness may be removed with a paper towel or cloth or can air dry. If streaks appear after drying, wipe clean with a dry towel or slightly damp clean paper towel or cloth.

How to Clean Water Sensitive Equipment

Completely power off electrical equipment prior to treatment. Pre-clean soils from external surfaces with a clean paper towel, cloth, or sponge slightly wetted with The Meanest APC. Carefully apply solution using a cloth or spray device so only enough solution is applied to keep the surface thoroughly wet for 2 minutes. Avoid over soaking and prevent pooled or puddled areas. Treated surfaces must remain wet for 2 minutes. Reapply as necessary to keep wet for 2 minutes. Do not rinse. Allow surfaces to air dry. If streaks appear after 2 minutes, wipe clean with a dry or slightly damp, clean paper towel or cloth. Do not restore power to electronic equipment until surfaces are thoroughly dry.

How to Clean Food Contact Surfaces & Kitchenware

For best results, clean with The Meanest Degreaser first and finish with The Meanest APC.

Dilute The Meanest Degreaser to 1:1 with water. Wash, wipe, or rinse items with water, then apply solution with cloth, sponge, spray or immersion. Let the solution stand for 1 minute and wipe dry with a clean towel or allow it to air dry. Rinse with The Meanest APC and allow it to air dry.


Sprayer Setup

  1. To start The Meanest Little Sprayer, first charge the battery by inserting the battery into the charger and plugging the charger into a power outlet. A red charging light will appear when dead. When all three LED lights are lit, the battery is charged.
  2. To fill the tank, remove it from the unit by rotating the tank locking collar and pulling the tank release ring. You must hold on to the tank when you pull the tank release ring or the tank will fall on the floor.
  3. Fill the tank with The Meanest branded and approved solutions.
  4. Insert the tank into the sprayer and rotate the tank locking collar until you hear the click of the tank release ring snap in place.
  5. Insert the charged battery into the battery socket and lock into place.
  6. Pull the trigger and spray on your desired surface. To ensure maximum electrostatic performance, always keep your hand firmly wrapped around the handle in contact with the grounding strap.

Sprayer Operation

  1. Map out an organized spraying route based on the layout of the room, starting from the farthest area and working toward the entrance.
  2. To begin spraying, pick up the sprayer and make sure the nozzle is 2-4 feet away from the surfaces you are spraying before pressing the trigger. For the best results, spray in a slow, side-to-side motion, forming an “S”. Spray surfaces so every inch is visibly wet. Let surfaces air dry.

Sprayer Cleaning & Storage

  1. Remove the nozzle with the provided wrench.vInside the nozzle, there is a small insert with a slot for a screwdriver. Use a small flathead screwdriver to remove the insert.
  2. Carefully clean both the insert and the nozzle with either The Meanest branded and approved product, water, or compressed air or a small nylon brush to remove any debris.
  3. Install the insert with the screwdriver. Install the nozzle and test the spray quality. If spray quality is not satisfactory, please contact your representative for a replacement nozzle.
  4. Clean the outside of the sprayer with The Meanest branded and approved product on a microfiber rag. Cover all the surfaces of the sprayer and wipe off any residue.
  5. If you have residual liquid left in the tank at the end of the day, pour it out of the sprayer tank and into a container.
  6. Clear residual liquid out of the sprayer by filling with clean water and spraying.
  7. Never store the sprayer with any product left in the tank as it might leak or solution can clog the spray nozzle if it dries in the lines.

Nozzle Instructions

  1. To remove the nozzle, use the nozzle wrench provided. Rotate the nozzle counter clockwise until the nozzle can be removed.
  2. To install the nozzle, place the desired nozzle in the end of the  sprayer, with the nozzle wrench provided. Rotate the nozzle clockwise until you feel it is secure. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.

Additional Notes

  1. Use the electrostatic sprayer for end-of-day cleans.
  2. Facility managers should expect to use 10 or more cases of The Meanest APC every month if using the product daily.

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