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Where The Meanest eats dirt for breakfast

Tackle the scariest messes without chemicals

You deal with the stickiest, grimiest, smelliest, most unforgiving messes. Grease traps, spilled drinks, and caked on food residue are just the beginning. With The Meanest solutions, you don’t have to dread cleanup. The Meanest handles even the nastiest messes and odors while keeping your cleaning routine toxin-free.

Protect the people who eat, sleep, play, party, and work in your spaces.

Get The Meanest if you manage or clean

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Breweries
  • Casinos
  • Cruise lines
  • Catering halls
  • Dining halls
  • Fast food chains
  • Grease trap remediation
  • Stadiums
  • Airlines
  • Museums

So clean you can eat off it.

The Meanest’s All-Purpose Cleaner, Degreaser, and Odor Eliminator are made with the same three ingredients—water, electricity, and salt—but offer different levels of intensity.

All-Purpose Cleaner

All countertop materials

All hard surface flooring

All bathroom surfaces

Window washing

Door handles

Fire remediation


Clogged drains

Fabric stains

Loading docks & garbage receptacles

Toilet bowls

Greasy kitchenware

Grease traps & commercial hoods

Odor Eliminator

Indoor air

On & around pets

Carpet & upholstery

Garbage receptacles

Laundry & bedding


Kitchen appliances

Gentle on humans, ferocious on dirt.

100% Non-toxic

No sulfates, VOCs, petrochemicals, dyes, fragrances, or alcohol.


Delivered ready to use in reusable bottles.

Ozone-safe & biodegradable

What comes naturally from the Earth doesn’t cause any issues going back.


No chemical caused headaches, sneezing, or irritation.

The magic trick that turns grease into soap

When you spray The Meanest on a fryer, its active ingredient sodium chloride forms an alliance with the grease to make soap. This process is called saponification. And that’s how you turn the kitchen villain into the kitchen hero.


Clear out your cleaning closet

You’ve got a lot of cleaners there. It’s not your fault, though. Companies make more money when they market a different product for every cleaning task, but only one or two products are necessary to get the job done. Save your closet space for essential things and simplify with Untoxicated. 

What They’re Saying

I’ve used a dozen different chemicals in my restaurant because I just didn’t know any better. I’m so glad there is a better way. Untoxicated products not only clean better than standard cleaning products, I’m a more responsible business owner using them.

PamelaBistro 42

“Within the hospitality industry, there exists a myth that only the most caustic and highly toxic chemicals are capable of adequately cleaning commercial kitchens. Very often, business owners as well as the lowest paid and least trained staff who directly use these products, have no real understanding of their side effects.”

— Alan Someck, New York State Restaurant Association

A spotless clean with the press of a button

Apply Untoxicated products to large areas with an electrostatic sprayer for a more effective and efficient clean.

  • Charged droplets stick to surfaces evenly, including all the nooks and crannies
  • Uses the optimal amount of cleaner to make your supply last longer
  • Increases the speed of application with minimal effort

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